måndag, juni 18

Hoss Intropia Sweepstake!

At the moment there's a sweepstake colaboration going on between Hoss Intropia and bloglovin'. You can win your favourite outfit from www.hossintropia.com by putting together up to five items (shoes, dress, jacket, trousers, accessory). What you choose is what you can win!

This is the outfit and items I've chosen:

I really love this outfit because it's both feminine and casual, something I look for in clothes. With the dress under, I would wear the jacket during chill evenings or on a windy day with the sleeves rolled up. The shoes are fit for both day and night and goes well with the jacket. Everything goes together the way I like! And of course I had to have my favourite accessory - earrings!

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Marci&Cami sa...

Nice items!
Check our list and let we know what do you thing about it!

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